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Optimum Use of Floor Space?

Availability In the current days, it is very difficult to get a flat for rent, because the demand is more than the supply. It is anticipated to become more difficult in the coming years because of increase in population and rapid urbanization. Even if you manage to get one, you are not sure how long you can live in that flat and when the owner may ask you to vacate. In addition the rent is rapidly increasing every year.

Tax Saving For those who rent, the tax savings of ownership go to the landlord, not to the tenants. Wouldn't you rather build equity for yourself every month instead of paying someone else and giving away "your" tax savings?

Purchasing a home can provide valuable tax savings to homebuyers. Loan interest, property tax, and other payments associated with financing a home can apply to your tax deductions. They may decrease the amount of income tax you must pay to the central government.

Building Wealth Another financial advantage to owning a home is that as you begin to pay off your mortgage loan, you build ownership in your property. In other words, the value of your home can increase as your total mortgage amount decreases over time.

Is it a sound proposal to invest money in flat?

The cost of properties like flats increases every year. Additionally, you get a net return of 6% by way of rental income. This is apart from the security, social status, comfort and convenience you get in your own flat.

The comparative return on other investment is as shown below:

  » Real Estates ? Flats         : 10%
  » Banks Fixed Deposit       : 5.5%
  » Unit Trust of India          : 8%
  » Shares of public Ltd. Co : 10%
  » Private Finance Co.         : 8%-12%     

Can I get Loan for buying my flat?

Yes. You can.
Loan for buying flat is available from several sources such as Provident Fund, All Nationalized banks, LIC, GIC all State Government, Central Government Departments, Quasi Government, Joint Sector undertakings, Housing related organizations such as HDFC, SHFL, CANFIN and so on.

Is it advantageous to take a Housing Loan?

Yes. Housing is now declared as a Priority Sector by Government of India under the National housing Policy. Therefore funds are available for eligible customers like you at subsidized rates of interest with short /long term repayment facilities. You borrow money at today?s value but repay at future value resulting in substantial monitory advantage in your favour.

Are there too many procedures and formalities making it difficult to get Housing Loan?

Not at all ? We can help you.

How much Housing loan can I get?

Depending upon your repaying capacity, and up to a maximum of 85% of the cost of flat is available as housing loan. For example: If you avail Rs.1 Lakh as a housing loan, you have to pay EMI (Equated Monthly Installment = Principal + Interest) Rs. 1100/- approximately every month for 15 years.Further details can be obtained upon request.

If so, should I be cautious in investing in Real Estates?

Yes. You must be. Because in real estates you invest not only your past savings, but also your future savings.

How should I be cautious? What are all the points to be considered when I decide to purchase a flat?

  Reputation of the Builder ? Reliability
  Proven track record of the builder. How many projects the builder has so far completed?
  Is the builder financially sound?
  Pricing policy of the builder.
  Does the builder deliver the flat within the time schedule?
  Are the title deeds clear and free of all encumbrances?
  Quality of design, construction amenities and specifications offered by the builder.
  Is the builder able to achieve financial discipline among the other purchasers of flats in the same building.
  Customer satisfaction so far established by the builder.
  After sales service offered by the builder.
  Adherence to CMDA, Corporation and other Government rules and regulations.
  Does the builder pay any interest / incentive for earlier payments?

While there are quite a few builders offering multi-stored flats at different prices with attractive Discounts and Gifts! How do we compare these             offers?

The evaluation of the prices quoted by various builders may be difficult for an average customer. It could have been simple if the break up is available between Land cost, Construction cost, Amenities offered etc. Then components can be compared. In the absence of these details a general comparison would reveal that Vasantham Residentials have the following unique advantages.

Direct Cost Because of our prompt and regular payments and because of comparatively larger scale of CONTINUOUS operations we usually get land at reasonable price and at competitive terms. Often we receive more offers for sale of land than we require. Similarly because of continuous construction work in many projects we enjoy good co-operation from construction workers and sub-contractors resulting in savings of labour cost. Likewise in procuring raw materials we get concessions and discounts. All these advantages result in the economy that we are able to pass to on to you as ?better value for money? in comparison to most of other builders.

Amenities While some builders collect extra amounts separately for each or some of the amenities like Electricity, Water, Drainage, Maintenance etc. under the heading ?material cost?, ?labour cost?, ?service charges? or ?non-refundable deposits?. We DO NOT do so.

Indirect cost In this context you may kindly note that our payment schedule starts with Bhoomi Pooja i.e. the day the construction actually begins and ends within a period of 15 months by which time the flats are ready for occupation. Whereas as many other builders start collecting money 3 to 6 months before actual commencement of construction and the work itself takes another 18/24 months for completion. Thus the period for which your money is actually blocked may be longer by 9 to 12 months in comparison to ours.  

Flats are available at different locations like Egmore, Lloyds Road, T. Nagar, Mylapore, Kilpauk, Arumbakkam, Saidapet, Velachery,             Madipakkam, Chrompet, Porur, Tambaram etc. Which is the best?

No location can be called the best location. Each of these locations has its own merits and demerits. The best suited location for one individual may not be so far another. However the points to be considered while selection of location is given below:

Investment? or Enjoyment? The important consideration while buying a flat is its investment value. Enjoyment is perhaps only secondary. Of course it is also for a feeling of security and prestige one gets, when he/she is able to say ?This is my flat?. If it is for merely living, you could have taken a flat for rent. Therefore an important concern is how much it is going to appreciate? And When? We cannot accurately predict future appreciation, but a rough idea given below will help you to select a location.


Why do the prices of properties appreciate? There is inflation, in general, which is applicable not only for the land and building, but also for all the products. Perhaps more so with land and buildings. As a result the cost of all properties are rising year after year.

Lesser Supply than Demand The flats within the middle income budget have larger demand. Therefore they appreciate more than premium quality flats. The money spent on show and decoration of the premium flats depreciate rapidly. When you try to resell, it may not bring worth while offers. An affordable flat has a much better chance of appreciation than a premium priced flat.

Developing areas The Government spends crores of rupees on various development projects such as new roads, drainage, water supply, street lighting, bus stand and so on. The benefit of these investments directly reaches the adjacent properties. The land value correspondingly appreciates after the completion of these development projects. Therefore if the flat is located in the border area (neither outer nor inner) where the development work has just started, it has a better chance for appreciation than for land inside city or on the outskirts.

Therefore when you happen to visit any of the construction sites with an idea to purchase a flat, you should, not only see the present position of development, but more important is to see the possibility of future development.

You may kindly notice that Vasanth Apartments are constructed predominantly in areas under this category.   

Is it very important to consider the present personal conveniences and comforts?

Quite a few customers make mistake in booking a flat giving undue importance for these. As a result, by the time he or she takes the possession of the flat, he or she may find that these are no longer required. The common reasons are, he or she got foreign assignment, he / or his wife got transferred in their job, the children have grown up, go to different school, the friends / relatives they like to live nearby have shifted their locations and so on.

The choice is ?to buy one flat inside city or for the same price to buy TWO on the border areas? (or) "a small, congested flat in the city or for the same price to buy a larger, spacious and comfortable flat on the border area?.   

Why should I buy a flat from Vasantham Residentials?

Because: We at Vasantham offer our customers not just a flat ? But a Home

  At a reasonable price
  In a decent location
  With modern amenities
  Within time schedule
  Having good resale value.

In short we offer you your money?s worth than from any where else. A market survey recently conducted reveal that nearly 60% of our business comes from the friends and relatives of our esteemed customers who are already enjoying the comfort and convenience of a Vasanth Apartments and Vasantham Apartments. This is the distinct, indisputable proof and recognition of our sincerity and dedication we offer to our customers resulting in their satisfaction.

You may also send your contact details through email or phone. Our representative will be glad to come and see you in your house at a mutually convenient time. We are available between 9.30 AM. to 7PM. on Week days and on Sundays and Holidays by Appointment at our Corporate office located at the address shown below:

Vasanth Apartments | 40 CP Ramaswamy Road | Alwarpet | Chennai | 600 018
91.44.2499 5777 | 98410.62323 | E.mail | info@vasantham.in

Note:This page is prepared on the basis of buildings which are under construction now. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further clarifications in this regard. We welcome your suggestions for our future projects. This webpage is for your information purpose only. This does not form part of any contract. We reserve our right to alter, revise, modify and improve these specifications/amenities/facilities. There may be minor changes in the specifications from building to building. Customers are requested to go through the Schedule given in their Agreement for the details of specifications and amenities applicable to their flat and that alone will be binding on us.

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