At Vasantham we value your skills more than your degree. You will be evaluated on the impact of your contributions, and you'll move on to the next role when you acquire the necessary skills. The pace of progress is determined by your ability to handle customers, help your colleagues succeed, and develop and share knowledge.

A typical career path at Vasantham would follow the roles below:

Trainee Assistant Associate Senior Associate Manager

Functional Departments

  Customer Service

We Value

  Thirst to acquire knowledge and skillset
  Reach high goals
  A good team player

�Vasantham� Culture

  Truth alone wins! Think, Act, Talk Straight
  Leap! Take the risk!
  Have fun! Attitude is everything!
  Attitude is everything! What is conceivable is possible!
  Work together with respect.
  Talent defies gravity

Resume Submission

We recruit people at the graduates and high school level. Depending upon your background, we will give you the necessary training and if you pass our requirements you will made permanent in our organization. If you believe you will be a right fit to our organization
Your Resume :