Behind our walls

Who we are

Vasantham Residentials is a residential construction company. We are a sister concern of Vasanth Builders, a reputed builder established in Chennai city since 1985.

Our Vision

Be the best in creating happy homes for everyone.

Our Mission

We will be the best in creating happy homes for everyone by providing superior, innovative, and affordable home solutions that improve the quality of life and satisfy customer needs. We will provide employees an enjoyable work place and advancement opportunities, and investors with a superior rate of return.

What we do

We buy land in prime and developing locations in the city that have good real estate value (walkable distances from the bus stop, train station, and market place) and construct apartments that best suits our customers' needs and sell it to them at affordable prices.

What we believe

Hardwork and Sincerity alone will bring success.

Our Commitments

Optimum Use of Floor Space

The plan you are now seeing may be our 12th revision. Using computer aided design facilities we makes several alternative plans. We study these carefully, make changes make revised plans. We make model and study the various aspects. And then come to a final plan. Every square inch of floor space has been carefully considered and is put to the most advantageous use. While you pay for a square feet, you get a square feet of space with lots of use for it. Waste, if any, is bare minimum.

We offer you the maximum freedom and flexibility to plan your interior. You can make the rooms bigger or smaller, relocate kitchen or Pooja Room. You can even given your own plan to suit your requirement and we shall construct it according to your taste and style. Of course your plan should comply with the rules and regulations of CMDA

We have a full fledged Architectural Department. In this connection, it is relevant to bring to your kind notice that Mr. Rajamanickam, owner of Vasanth Builders, and an advisor for Vasantham Residentials, is a Civil Engineer graduated form Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and has several years of experience in sophisticated Building Design & Construction both in India & abroad.

Highest Quality

We have the unique advantage of having our own building materials testing laboratory. Our quality control starts from the raw material stage. At every stage of construction quality control is ensured by an independent team. Even material sample is thoroughly tested in our laboratory before placing an order. Further periodically random samples are taken and are tested to make sure the consistency is maintained. Workmanship at site is monitored by a separate quality control team. In addition a Pre Delivery Inspection is carried out by an outside independent agency in the presence of our customers for ensuring the quality of each and every flat delivered.

Prompt Delivery Scheduley

During the past 20 years we have completed and delivered more than 1800 flats in 99 buildings. Delivery of none of the flat was delayed even for a single day. We usually take only 15 months for completion of a project as against 24 months or more taken by other builders.

Our construction schedules are prepared, and are constantly monitored using computers. Even ordering the materials in advance and awarding sub-contracts are done with the assistance of computers.

This means a big saving to our customers like you. You start getting returns quickly from your investments. Hard earned money is not blocked up unnecessarily.

Reasonable Cost

Our costs are comparable with the price of any other flat in the same locality and in most of the cases ours are on the lower side. However the big difference is in the amenities & specifications offered within the cost.

The prices quoted other builders are for ordinary specifications. Whereas our prices are inclusive of all amenities which alone costs us extra Rs. 250/- per sq.ft. Therefore we give you a deluxe flat at the price of ordinary flat. Because we arrange all your purchases in bulk quantities directly & savings in transport cost, handling charges, minimizing wastage etc. These benefits are enjoyed by our customers.

Our fixed uniform price policy has been appreciated well by all our customers. The general practice in the city is to negotiate and fix the price. The price of similar flat various according to its floor, road facing or rear side, south facing, corner flat etc. However negotiating these merits and demerits and fixing up price separately to every customer, besides being time consuming also ends up often in dissatisfaction.

Legal Discipline

Every property before being taken up by us for development, its title deeds are scrutinized by a panel of Advocates. In addition to going through the legalities, our advocates go a little further. Thanks to their good connections and contacts in the city. They make a personalized enquiry about the benefices of the land owners, their family and about their past history and will not clear the title even if there is a slight risk.

Their legal opinion is available for the benefits of our customers. It becomes easy for our customers to get opinion from their advocates regarding title as all the necessary work has already been done by our Advocates.

Financial Discipline

We have a full fledged computerized accounts department. Official receipt is issued for all the money transactions of our customers. In addition a computer print out statement is sent to all our customers on 1st day of every month showing the amount paid and the amount due till date. This serves as a timely reminder to our customers for making prompt payments.

An incentive of 10% interest is given to those customers who make payments earlier than due dates. This further motivates all our customers to make prompt payment.

Delay in payments by some customers could affect the progress of work of other customers. Because in construction we cannot leave some flats unfinished in lower floors and go ahead with the works in the upper floors. Unless every customer makes prompt payment, there is always a risk, that your hard earned money will be blocked for no fault of yours.

Because of our financial soundness, we are granted liberal financial facilities by our bankers. Therefore we will not wait for our customers to arrange money. Instead we would then advance our money for completing the construction as per schedule and collect it from customers later. Of course, in such cases we have to regretfully charge market rate of interest for his delays in arranging funds. Like wise we offer an incentive of 10% per annum for earlier payments. Our monthly computerized statement shows both the interest credit and due figures as well.

Many customers take benefits as much as 10% of the total cost by making the entire payment in advance at the time booking itself.

Modern Amenities

We believe in giving amenities in our buildings for the customers benefit and not for the builders benefit! Kindly note, our cost includes all the following:

Lift : This is in consideration of the convenience it offers for the aged, challenged, and expectant mothers, etc. Although CMDA rules does not stipulate providing a lift in Ground+1 storied building like ours, we still provide a lift which alone costs about Rs. 5.0 Lakhs!

Parking Space : All around the building open space is provided to park vehicles like scooters and cycles under safe custody.

Circuit Breakers : We are quick to take the benefit of modern research in the field of electrical Safety. Now a days you use more and more electrical gadgets like Grinders, Mixie, TV, Video, Refrigerator, Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, However is the wiring in the house capable of taking the load Sufficiently? Safely? So we provide modern circuit breakers to protect your valuable Electrical Appliances from the damages of sudden voltage fluctuations. This alone would costs about Rs.12000/- per flat.

Anti-Skid Tiles : In bathrooms and in kitchen we do consider the tiles as an essential item and not as a luxury. It is easy to clean and has a better appearance. It has been appreciated by several customers particularly women. The anti-skid properties are an added advantage especially for the use of children and the aged.

Stainless Steel Sink : This item alone costs Rs. 4,500/- per flat.

Concealed Telephone Cable : The concealed cable is already provided. Simply plug in a telephone and immediately the bell will be ringing. No need for breaking the walls, floors etc.

Ample Ventilation : A visit to any one of our buildings would testify the amount of light and ventilation provided. Large open to sky spaces in many locations are provided for good natural light and ventilation.

The above list is only a few of what we are actually providing. There is a lot more of modern amenities which you should feel proud of, which living in a Vasantham Flat. We are constantly changing and upgrading the specifications. There are builders who copy our specifications, but, you know as well as we do that a copy can never be equal to original

After Sales Service

We have a regular team of technicians to undertake the repair and break down maintenance of our buildings. We commit free service for 1 year from the date of completion. Our maintenance team will visit the premises 3 times during this period. We shall receive the request from our customers in our standard form. We complete the said works to the satisfaction of our customers, and obtain their approval.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Now a day�s many organizations offer attractive Warranties & Guarantees. If you happen to carefully read these you would probably notice that these are associated with a lot of rules and regulations. As a result these do not serve much purpose for the customer. However the concept is different with us. Our guarantee is unconditional, whatever may be the reason, any person is free to withdraw himself/herself from the scheme, at any time before the completion of the project and get a full refund. Ours is purely unconditional, No objection raised. Although this facility has been available hardly any one has used because we deliver what we promise.

Executive Team

Dr. A.Mohana ,B.Tech, MBA, Phd.
Dr. T. Arul, B.Tech, MBA, Phd (Contact| 98410.69393)